Advice for Teachers With Tutoring Jobs


When you become a tutor, start slowly.

Given the extra money you can make when you become a tutor, it can be tempting to allow your schedule to fill up quickly by committing to many tutor jobs. Teachers are a very caring group of people and naturally want to help as many people as they can. Be cautious of this! At Teachers2Tutor, we advise that you begin your journey as personal tutors with around one or two tutoring jobs per week. If you decided to only accept home tutoring jobs, you may wish to start with up to three tutoring sessions but do not exceed this within the first month or two from when you become a tutor.

Allow yourself time to experience the demands you will face when you work as a tutor. Teaching is a taxing job and you need to manage these demands effectively when you become a tutor and begin accepting tutor jobs. Allow yourself a schedule that offers plenty of free time, which will allow you to approach your home tutoring jobs with the enthusiasm and commitment they deserve.

Before you start each of your tutoring jobs, arrange all of the details.

When you become a tutor for one of our clients, the first thing you need to do is ensure you arrange all the details of the private tuition prior to your first personal tutoring session. Ensure your client knows if you plan to tutor from home; if not agree upon the location of your tuition sessions. Arrange a regular day and time for your private tuition as well as prearranging the duration of each of your tutoring jobs.

Once the details for your first session as a home tutor have been arranged, you should gather as much information as possible to help you ascertain your tutees needs and abilities. This can often be ascertained by a discussion with the parents of the child or by a conversation with the learner themselves. This discussion, prior to your first tutoring appointment, is essential as it will help guide you in gathering assessments and resources, ensuring a positive, productive and successful first session as a home tutor.

The first session for new tutoring jobs.

Before the offset of new tutoring jobs, please make sure that you have shared original copies of your teaching qualifications, enhanced disclosure police checks and photographic identification with the student or where more appropriate, their parents. As we only offer tutoring jobs for teachers, our clients will expect to see original copies of your teaching qualifications before your tuition arrangements can begin.

The first tutoring session once you become a tutor is very important. Your biggest concern as personal tutors should be to put the tutee completely at ease.  You should ensure that your tuition is enjoyable and engaging,in order to create a good impression and to help motivate your tutee for subsequent appointments.

As part of your work as a tutor, you will want to carry out assessments of the student’s abilities. These assessments should be carried our during your first private tuition appointment and can be formal written assessments or more informal teacher led assessments. The important thing is that you use the assessments to gain a starting point for the student; helping to inform the student’s next steps for learning and your subsequent work as a tutor. Please do remember that although detailed assessment is important, it is equally important to put your tutee at ease and ensure they have fun. We would recommend offering a mix of assessment activities and more fun interactive activities during your first tutoring session.

Ensure that you take time to share your initial assessments and subsequent personal learning plan for your client with the student and where appropriate with their parents. Sharing learning plans will help to ensure the student’s learning becomes a joint goal between you, the tutee and their parents, resulting in greater success. 


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