Benefits of Private Tuition


1 Improve Performance and Results

Private tuition has been shown to consistently improve exam results and classroom performance. An in depth study carried out by Judith Ireson and Katie Rushforth of theInstitute of Education, University of London, showed that children who received regular home tuition significantly outperformed children who did not receive tutoring in their GCSE results.

More and more parents are now recognising the crucial role that home tutors can have on exam performance. In fact, according to a study carried out by the Sutton Trust, one in four parents now take advantage of private tutors and home tutors as a way to give their children a head start in life.

All of the personal tutors on Teachers2Tutor are fully qualified teachers and are therefore highly familiar with current syllabus used in schools; including exam requirements. Our private tutors are, therefore, uniquely placed to give your child an important edge in gaining necessary exam results or performing better in class. In short, selecting one of our online tutors is the first step in giving your children the edge in achieving their academic potential and you can be sure that when you find a tutor with Teachers2Tutor, you are choosing from the best tutors around. 

2 Improves Confidence

Private tuition can have a profound impact on children’s confidence. Sitting exams can be a deeply stressful time for children. Providing your children with the opportunity to ask questions on a one to one basis with a fully qualified experienced personal tutor can help to alleviate this stress and build confidence. Furthermore, skilled private tutors will coach your child towards exam success by both preparing them with knowledge but also helping to give them the correct mind set and revision strategies for success. When you find a tutor with us, you select only from experienced teachers which means you have access to the best tutors available.

By teaching key learning in subjectsbefore they are covered in school, our home tutors can ensure that your child has a full understanding of what is to come. This has a very positive impact on your child’s confidence in class and thus often results in a subsequent improvement in their learning in school. Put simply, private tuition leads to improved confidence and motivation in children while significantly reducing any anxieties faced. 

3 One to One Attention

With class sizes growing as large as 33 pupils, the range of needs in a class has become more and more challenging for teachers to meet and sadly these needs are often simply not met.  Many parents are reporting that their children feel overlooked and that their learning needs are not being addressed adequately. Parents have also reported that they feel more vocal and challenging children take up much of the teacher’s time, while well-mannered less forthcoming children are being overlooked.
Private tuition can reverse these issues. Personal tutors give your child access to one to one quality time with a fully qualified teacher. The best tutors will work with your child to develop a personalised learning plan, designed specifically for your child and will explainexactly what your child needs to develop and succeed. Private tuition, therefore, allows children to learn at a much faster pace whilst addressing any specific issues or gaps in learning that they may have. Home tuition HHH provides a safe and secure environment, giving children an opportunity to express any concerns or difficulties they have. Often children do not have the confidence to share such issuesat school in front of such a large class. 

4 Personalised Learning

Home tuition affords the time to carefully and regularly assess and track your child’s learning, allowing your personal tutor to set individual learning goals. The best tutors will share and discuss these goals with you, ensuring that you are kept completely informed of all learning and progress, helping to ensure an essential partnership in learning is formed. The one to one nature of private tuition allowshome tutors to adapt all learning activities to suit your child’s preferred learning style, making learning more fun and engaging and therefore more effective. 

5 Overcome Learning Barriers

Many of our best tutors are highly experienced in working with children with significant barriers to learning. Specific barriers to learning such as Dyslexia or Dyscalculia can have a profound effect on children’s ability to access their learning effectively.

Unlike other leading tutoring agencies, Teachers2Tutor only work with fully qualified teachers and as such when you find a tutor with us, it is highly likely the tutor will have had training and experience in supporting children with barriers to learning.  Our personal tutors are better placed to identify and address specific learning barriers, something which would likely be missed by private tutors without teaching qualifications.  By adopting the correct approach and by ensuring undivided attention, home tutors are perfectly placed to help your child gain confidence and give the correct support they need in order to reach their potential and overcome their barriers to learning. 

6 Homework Support

Homework can be a stressful and upsetting time for both children and their parents. Using personal tutors to help with homework can help to overcome this stress.

Many parents have shared that they do not feel able to help their children with their homework as the way they were taught at school is different to the way children are expected to work now. All of our home tutors are teachers and therefore fully understand the most up-to-date ways of approaching learning that are currently being utilised in schools.

Furthermore, private tutors can help to agree revision/ homework schedules with your children and can monitor whether they are being followed. By doing so, the best tutors can help avoid potential conflict between parent and child, allowing you to focus on enjoying the time you have with your children. 

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