5 Fun Websites To Help Your Kids Learn To Read - A Guide For Parents & Primary School Tutors


Helping your children with their learning does not have to be a hardship or battle, although sadly it seems to become this all to often. I regularly speak to exasperated parents after finishing a tutoring session, where they share their stories of woe from the learning battle field. They can't understand why their children love their time with their tutors so much but when Mum or Dad try to help them, all hell breaks loose. The best tutors make learning fun and in this article Teachers2Tutor share 5 great websites to help you make learning to read fun and enjoyable for your children!


Great Websites To Help With Reading & Phonics - Tried & Tested through Primary School Tutoring


Teach Your Monster To Read


This is an amazing game that helps to teach your children about phonics, blending and reading in the most fun and engaging way! In the game your children travel through a magical land and meet lots of characters along the way. In order to move forward in the game, your children have to learn key skills in phonics, blending skills, tricky words and reading. It is a progressive game so builds on previous skills getting more advanced as your child develops. 

Your kids will love this game and won't even notice the huge amount they are learn!


Letters and Sound

This is a fantastic website for you to get resources for you to use at home or for during primary tutoring. It has loads of brilliant printable resources to help with learning phonics, tricky words, blending and reading sentences. Better still, it is all divided in to clear phases of learning which helps you get the level of challenge right for your child.

This website also has some brilliant interactive games which help develop reading and spelling skills in a really fun and engaging way. The kids see it as a real treat!



This brilliant website provides games, activities and videos for your children to engage with. There are many fun and likeable characters which help along the way. You can focus on learning phonics sounds, alphabet, reading simple sentences and reading short stories. As well as being deeply engaging, this website provides a clear progression through the skills your children will need to become independent readers and builds on what they already know and what they have learned previously. 

This hugely engaging website will have your children learning the skills of reading and loving doing it!

Reading Bear

This is a brilliant website for helping your children to learn the skills of blending. Blending is how children learn to read words by blending individual letter sounds together to form the word. This skill's importance can not be overstated! This website gives lots of guidance and activities to help your children learn to do this, with very clear video demonstrations.


Storyline Online

It is so important to encourage a love of books and stories amongst your children. This wonderful website is a fantastic way to help do this. It provides links to videos where different celebrities read some of their favourite children's books. Just let your children sit back, get cosy and enjoy a beautiful story!


Teachers2Tutor hope that this helps you to make learning how to read a little more fun in your home. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive others blogs on home learning. 

Do you know of any other brilliant websites or have you used these ideas and found them helpful? We would love to hear from you! Please message us or leave your comments below. 

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