Primary School Tutor and Teacher Ideas - Creative Writing and Art Activity

Primary school tutoring ideas - super hero rabbit

Here is a brilliant activity for any primary school tutor or teacher. It is such a beautifully creative activity. We just love it!


Primary School Tutoring - Outdoor Learning

There is absolutely nothing to say that when you are a primary school tutor, you need to stay inside in order to help your student learn. With this fantastic activity, you get to enjoy and appreciate the benefits of learning outside. All you need to get started is some coloured chalk, a teddy bear or willing child and some ground to draw on.

First decide what special things are going to happen in your story. Does rabbit save the day by revealing he is a super hero? Does teddy go an amazing balloon adventure and visit magic lands? The possibilities are endless! 


Make Your Story Come Alive - Outdoor Art 

Once you have decided upon the special events in your story, it's time to get creative! Have some fun drawing pictures on the pavement to help tell your story and rememeber to leave space for your chosen teddy or person!


A Perfect Chance To Introduce Technology

Now you have created your story pictures, it is time to record them. This provides the perfect opportunity to introduce use of technology to your children. Teach your children hoew to capture, edit and caption pictures. You could even use these pictures to create a story book using something like Book Creator on the I Pad. The final pictures will require adult support as they need to be taken from an elevated point. This helps to ensure that the children or teddy bears actually look like they are within the picture. 


Enjoy Your Writing

This activity has produced some of the most beautiful imaginative writing I have ever seen. Furthermore, I have never seen children so motivated to create their stories. The finished product looks amazing and the children take enormous pride in what they have created.

Try this lovely activity with your own children or the children you tutor and let us know what you created! We love to hear stories and love pictures! Enjoy! 







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