Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I use Teachers2Tutor over other providers?

We believe that Teachers2Tutor provides the best tutoring service available in the UK.

  • Completely free to connectOther tuition providers will charge a significant connection fee to even talk to tutors. We believe you should have the opportunity to 'test the water' and form a relationship with your tutor before you are required to pay any money to hire them. 

  • The Best TutorsUnlike other tutoring services, we only allow fully qualified teachers to offer their tuition services on our website. 

  • Variety of subjects and personal tutorsAs we do not charge private tutors to appear on our website, a wide selection of the very best tutors in your area are available, covering tuition in a large range of subjects.

Why do you only use fully qualified teachers?

Although we recognise that there are a lot of skilled professionals who offer personal tuition for other providers, we feel that the best tutors have skillsdeveloped and honed by being a teacher for many years. Many professionals do not possess the skill set necessary to clearly communicate their knowledge in an engaging and stimulating way during private tuition, while breaking learning in to small achievable steps; something which is absolutely essential for successful learning. For this reason we only use fully qualified teachers as our home tutors and we think this makes us the best private tutor provider available. 

Who is Teachers2Tutor for?

Teachers2Tutor is simply for anyone who wishes to learn in a highly skilled and supportive environment. Clients include: 

  • Students from both private and public schools who want tuition and one to one time in a particular subject or area of learning.

  • Adults from a variety of professions who want to improve their skills in a subject or improve their confidence in day to day life via private tuition.

  • Various business clients who want to develop the skill sets of their staff and invest in their training and future and feel tuition from the best tutors can help staff achieve these goals.

Can I leave feedback about my tutor?

Yes. Once your initial tutoring appointment has passed, you will automatically be sent an email asking you to follow a link and leave feedback for your home tutor.

Alternatively, you can leave feedback for private tutors at any time by logging on to Teachers2Tutor and leaving feedback on your tutor’s profile. 

We encourage all of our clients to leave feedback on the quality of tuition they have received and on the professionalism and approachability of your personal tutor. We depend on you to highlight the very best tutors available and the more feedback is shared the better your Teachers2Tutor experience will be. 

Is it really completely free to connect to tutors?

Yes! Teachers2Tutor allow you to speak with as many tutors as you would like via our secure messaging platform. This is to allow you to find the perfect tutor, ensuring that their approach to tutoring and availability matches with your needs.

Once you have found your tutor you need to hire them in order to get their contact details. The fee for hiring one of our tutors is a fixed one off payment of £25 and this should be paid via our secure online payment facility. 

Why is my tutor's hourly rate different to the hiring fee?

Teachers2Tutor charge a fixed one off fee of £25 to hire one of our tutors. The hourly rate of our tutors varies and is decided and fixed by the tutors themselves. Once you have hired your tutor and received their contact details, all subsequent payments for tuition should be made directly to your tutor. 



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