Frequently Asked Questions by Tutors


What is the cost of creating a tutor profile with Teachers2Tutor?

It is completely free! When you decide to work as a tutor with Teachers2Tutor there is absolutely no charge for creating your tutoring profile. Even better than this, there is also no charge each time we make a connection for you to new tutoring jobs.

What do I need to be able to work as a tutor for Teachers2Tutor?

Before you can become a tutor with Teachers2Tutor, you need to meet some strict criteria. We want the very best tutors for our clients and we believe that only teachers can provide this! Our high standards are what separates us from other tutoring services. In order to work as a tutor with Teachers2Tutor, you must:

  • Be a qualified teacher.
  • Be able to provide proof of GTC registration or teaching qualification.
  • Be able to provide an up-to-date PVG certificate (enhanced disclosure certificate).

I am not a teacher, can I become a tutor for Teachers2Tutor?

No. Teachers2Tutor only allow qualified teachers to work as a tutor through our website. We are looking in to the possibility of including highly talented support staff (PSAs), from schools, in our team of personal tutors but for now we only work with teachers.

Will I be employed by Teachers2Tutor?

No. Teachers2Tutor do not employ any private tutors directly. When you accept tutoring jobs through our website and begin to work as a tutor, you do so as a self-employed personal tutor. Whether you decide to work from home or travel to other locations to offer your private tuition, you do so as a self-employed tutor. You are responsible for collecting payment for your personal tuition and you are responsible for keeping appropriate records of these payments for tax purposes.

Who can see my personal details and the documents I uploaded?

No part of your personal contact details can be seen or accessed by others on our website.

Your tutor profile contains the information that is shared on the website. This information includes: your first name, your general location, the subjects you offer for private tuition, hourly rate, availability, details of your approach to private tuition and teaching experience. Personal contact details are only shared with the tutee once they hire you as their tutor and this is done via secure email.

Your uploaded documents are not displayed on the website and security measures are in place to ensure they cannot be seen or accessed by anyone other than our administration team in order to allow them to approve your tutor profile.

How does Teachers2Tutor ensure my personal documents are protected?

All private documents that are uploaded to Teachers2Tutor are encrypted for your security and said documents can only be accessed by our administration department. Please be assured that these documents are not displayed on our website and are never shown or accessible to any tutees.

How will tutees get in contact with me?

Tutees can contact you via the messaging service built in to our website. Once tutees have viewed your tutor profile, they can message you at any time by clicking the message button within your tutor profile.  You can respond and message them via the member’s area within your tutor profile. All messages to and from tutees will be displayed within the member’s area of your tutor profile but as a curtesy Teachers2Tutor will send you an automatic notice via email each time you receive a new message or enquiry about tutor jobs.

Can I edit my tutor profile once it has been created and can I change my prices or the subjects I offer?

Absolutely. Just login to Teachers2Tutor using your login details and go to the member’s area of your tutor profile. You will see there is an option to edit your tutor profile. Here you can change your prices, the subjects you offer and your availability for tutoring jobs. Once you become a tutor with Teachers2Tutor, we will work very hard to be flexible and responsive to your needs.

My tutees can leave feedback about me as a tutor. How does this work? How is this shared on my tutor profile?

Once you have become a tutor and have commenced your tutor jobs, you will find that your tutor profile begins to include feedback from tutees. Once you start to work as a tutor for a new client, they will be contacted by Teachers2Tutor and asked to rate you as a personal tutor and provide feedback on your approach to private tuition and professionalism. Please see this as an amazing opportunity! Feedback from tutees, provide private tutors with opportunity to stand out. If you go that extra mile and ensure your tuition sessions are engaging, stimulating and enjoyable then you are likely to get high ratings and great feedback. Positive ratings and feedback leads to more opportunities and more tutoring jobs for you as you will be recognised as one of the best tutors available. 

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