How Teachers2Tutor Works


The great thing about Teachers2Tutor is that we will never ask any of our tutors to pay a single penny to appear on our website and we won’t even charge you when you are hired by a client for tutoring jobs and start your private tuition. It is completely free for all tutors!

I Want To Work As a Tutor – What Do I Do?

Step 1

Before you can become a tutor you have to register with Teachers2Tutor
Teachers2Tutor only allow qualified teachers to work as a tutor, therefore as part of the registration process, you will be asked to upload your most recent enhanced disclosure certificate and your GTC certificate. Please be assured that these documents do not appear anywhere on our website and are required purely to confirm that you are a fully qualified teacher before you can become a personal tutor with us.

Step 2

Create your tutor profile
In order to maximise the number of tutoring jobs you are likely to receive, you should take time to create your tutoring profile, sharing a little about yourself and your approach towards private tuition. Please remember the more time and care you put in to your profile, the more work as a tutor you are likely to receive.  Fill in all three sections: about me, teaching experience and approach to teaching as this is what helps our clients find a tutor that fits best with their learning style and personality.  Remember to upload a picture to your tutoring profile. People like to see who they are going to hire to work as a tutor!

Step 3

Enter your availability 
As the final part of creating your tutor profile, you need to indicate what days and times you are available to offer private tuition. You should also indicate which subject areas and levels you wish to become a tutor for and how much you wish to charge per hour for your tuition. Don’t worry, we have made this easy for you, just use the drop down menus in the registration area. Once you have completed your tutor profile and once it is approved by our administration team, your tutor profile will be visible to people in your local area.

Step 4

Receive enquiries for private tuition 
Our clients will contact you via our member’s area messaging service with tuition enquiries and tutoring jobs.  You will receive email notification each time a new message has been sent by a client. You should use this messaging platform as a way to arrange the day and time for tuition, if you will tutor from home or travel to their home and what support and learning requirements are to be addressed via the tutoring job. We strongly recommend that all such details and discussed and agreed upon before you agree to become a tutor for them.

Step 5

Accept the clients offer
Now that all the details of home tuition have been agreed upon, you should accept the client’s offer of making you their tutor. Once you and the client have approved the tutoring jobs proposed, you can become a tutor for this client. Each party’s contact details will be automatically emailed out so further arrangements and discussion can be made.


YourFirst Tutoring Session With a New Student

Please bring original copies of your teaching qualifications, your enhanced disclosure certificate and photographic ID with you to be shared with the client prior to the start of your first tutoring session.

The first tutoring session with a new student is quite unique and has 3 distinct phases:

Phase 1- Talk to the student’s parents about their child’s needs, the expectations they hold towards your tuition and the outcomes they hope it will achieve.

Phase 2 – Get to know the child through a fun game or activity, before carrying out initial assessment of the child’s abilities to inform your future tutoring sessions.

Phase 3 – Feedback your initial findings to the child’s parents and share any intentions for subsequent lessons.

The first tutoring session with a new client is a unique session where expectations are shared and discussed.  The first tutoring session is designed to allow everyone to meet and expectations to be shared. It also gives the student a chance to become more comfortable with you, in a much shorter session.

Remember to relax and enjoy it. Above all else, put the student at ease and start forming that all important relationship. 

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