Your First Tutoring Session


Before The First Tutoring Session

All of our private tutors are qualified teachers. Teachers2Tutor collect all tutors’ enhanced disclosure police checks and GTC teaching qualifications as part of our service and if tutors cannot provide these documents, they do notget to appear on our website. This helps to provide peace of mind for our clients and ensures you can find a tutor from a selection of  the  very best tutors.

However, prior to the start of private tuition we highly recommend that you check your tutor’s photo ID and qualifications in person. Our personal tutors will expect you to do this and should offer these documents as part of the process.

Whether you decide to have private tuition at your home, your tutor’s home or in a public place, we recommend that you select a quiet and calm environment with no distractions. Please remember that any children under the age of 18 should be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Your First Session With Private Tutors

The best tutors will prioritise putting your child completely at ease during private tuition so they can begin to enjoy their learning. We learn best when we feel comfortable! Our private tutors will normally carry out some informal assessments in order to ascertain your child’s knowledge and abilities. This helps them to develop a personalised learning plan for your child. Your personal tutor will also seek to find out how your child learns best during the first session of tuition.
It is very helpful if you have a clear idea of what you wish to achieve and gain from your private tuition and this should be shared with your tutor during the first session. This will help our home tutors set the pace of learning which will be required to meet these learning goals in the specified time frame.
The first tutoring session with your new tutor is quite unique to subsequent sessions and has three set phases:
Phase 1 - Your personal tutor will take time to talk to you about your child’s needs, the expectations you have towards your tuition and the outcomes you hope it will achieve.
Phase 2 - Your tutor will then take some time getting to know your child, to put them at ease, before carrying out a brief initial assessment of your child’s abilities. This helps to inform future tutoring sessions. 
Phase 3 - Your tutor will then feedback anyinitial findings and observations to you and will share any intentions for subsequent lessons.
This first tutoring session is designed to allow everyone to meet and for expectations to be shared. It also gives your child a chance to become more comfortable with their tutor before full tutoring sessions are carried out in subsequent weeks.

Once Your Private Tuition has began

Remember,honest feedback is the key in getting the best results from home tuitionand getting what you want from our personal tutors. If you would like your tutor to change his approach to tuition or the pace at which he is offering learning, tell him. He will be flexible and accommodate your wishes.

Remember to help others find the best tutors by providing feedback on our home tutors. This really is the best way to ensure only the very best tutors remain on our website. 


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